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Atlas loans is among the financial services in South Africa that are providing short-term loans to people. To apply for a loan, you don’t have to approach their offices but rather apply online in the comfort of your home. The criteria of applying for a loan online saves you the hustle of joining a queue as well as time.

If you need more clarification on applying for a loan at Atlas, you have to call and the loan is up to R8 000 with 6 month to pay. Worth-mentioning is that the online application is confidential.

How to apply for Atlas loans

Applications for loans can be done online or you can visit the branch who will assist you to get the perfect loan and documents needed during the application. The consultant will also advise you whether you qualify to get credit with your loan. Atlas believes and understands its customers and the needs of each and every individual that support.

Worth-noting is that Lewis offers its clients flexibility so that they are able to make informed choices as to the kind of loan that would suit clients. They offer their clients six months period for repayment of the loan. There is an additional possibility of a top up loan which could be taken during this time, in the event that clients need a little bit extra.

atlas finance

atlas finance loans

Whether you want to give your child a brighter future through education, do those much-needed car repairs or home improvements, or even just stock up on groceries, Atlas offers you a loan that will suit your specific needs.

We try and make it as simple as possible for you to apply for a loan, and get an answer back from us.

Here are three easy steps to the application process:

  • Fill out the enquiry form below.
  • We will contact you to confirm whether you qualify for a loan.
  • If you qualify, your loan is paid out to you. Simple.

Atlas finance loans contact details

Head Office: 087 701 8665

Customer Care Line – Clients who have loans can send queries to:
Telephone: 0800 204 679

General Enquiries:

Media Enquiries:

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