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LoanCentre SA

We all know that we sometimes encounter financial situations whose drawbacks can sometimes lead us into very difficult and sometimes debilitating debt. These kind of situations sometimes arise in the form of an unexpected event or an emergency. Sometimes, circumstances make it difficult for you to pay your loan(s) in time and your name gets blacklisted, and this makes it difficult to get any financial assistance from other financial institutions.
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Loans Direct

With close to 20 years experience in the financial services providers’ industry, Loans Direct offers the best financial services and products in South Africa. They strive to provide South Africans with loans that improve the livelihood of their customers and actually impact positively on the economy of the country. This is evident through the number of loan approvals they have granted from 1995 to date; an impressive one million satisfied customers.
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African Bank loan application

Whenever a financial need arises, most of us panic, sometimes ending up making rash decisions like seeking assistance from unqualified loans providers who could subsequently lead us into debt and sabotage our credit scores.
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Apply for an FNB Temporary Loan

FNB has always strived to help its clients in every way, to make banking easier, convenient and even affordable.
FNB also strives to offer their customers the best products to help them tackle life much more easier, enjoy it and even start saving for the future.
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Cell C airtime advance – inventive credit resolution

As South Africa’s third network and service provider, Cell C boasts of over 115 million subscribers; who not only pay less for sn srray of quality products and services, but are also enjoying the benefits of one of the fatsest, effective and reliable networks in the country.
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Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa 2015

As the cost of living rises, more and more young people are basing their choice of tertiary courses on the salary of the job the course will land them. With needs and costs rising daily, digging deeper in the pocket, one has to find a sure-fire way to generate enough money to sustain the lifestyle they yearn for.
The job market is flooded with all kinds of jobs which vary in worth (salary), risk (high or low) feasibility etc. In South Africa, to get the big bucks, you must be ready put in a lot of grit and sweat, study long hours and eventually qualify for one of the following jobs listed below.
These are touted to be some of the highest paying jobs in the South African job market;
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