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Bridge Loans – assistance for blacklisted individuals

Having access to cash all the time is something to which many people aspire. Life often has a way of throwing curveballs that leave us financially vulnerable at times. Credit is an easy way of easing financial strain and of fulfilling urgent financial obligations. When handled the right way, credit can be quite helpful.

While banking institutions are not always willing to assist in this regard, the micro lending industry in South Africa is growing. More micro lending institutions are willing to provide a lending hand when individuals need it most. Bridge Loans is one such financial services provider.

Tell me more about Bridge Loans?

Bridge Loans is a leading provider of personal loans. With almost two decades of experience in the unsecured lending industry, the institution has garnered a reputation as a trusted lending institution.

Bridge Loans also provides loans to individuals in need of finance, who are blacklisted. At times life throws a range of circumstances at us which may leave us financially crippled. This may result in late payments to creditors, which unfortunately has an adverse effect on credit records. Being blacklisted however, no longer means that you have no way of gaining access to financial help in the form of loans.

Bridge Loans provides personal loans from R500 to a maximum of R15 000 to qualifying individuals. Although individuals may be blacklisted, this does not mean that they will be excluded from getting loans. The institution strives to provide easy access through its more than 150 branches nationwide.

Individuals will also benefit from not having to wait too long for their loans. Following a simple online application process, Bridge Loans ensures that applicants’ approvals are made within 48 hours.

To contact Bridge Loans, call: 086 111 2044 or email:

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