capitec bank temporary loans

Capitec Bank Temporary short term loan

South African’s are currently facing indescribable economic times. Everyone is feeling the pinch from the large conglomerate firm to the sole entrepreneur on the streets of Johannesburg as well as the working class. We are all under the strain of battling our way through the maze of an uncertain yet ever so challenging economic climate. One of the major banks in South Africa has seen that the South African public is struggling with making ends meet so they have made it so simple to obtain a personal loan from them.

Capitec Bank is proud to inform you that they can provide you with a loan of up to R250 000 in compete cash and can be paid over a period of 84 months. That is giving you up to 7 years to pay back the amount to the bank. The most appealing benefit of the Cpitec personal loan is that when you take out the loan; you receive the money immediately and it becomes available in your account after the approval has been given. Capitec doesn’t just grant you the money and waves good luck nope, Capitec has thrown in some wonderful benefits such as giving you retrenchment and death cover without any hidden fees involves. You get the chance to relax with their fixed monthly payments.

There is a qualification criterion that needs to be adhered to in order to be granted a Capitec personal loan. Firstly you need to be 18 and above should you wish to take out the personal loan with Capitec, you need to provide the financial consultant with a recent bank statement, a payslip or a pension letter. You will also need to be employed by a third party should you be self-employed you then forfeit the loan. You need to have been employed by your current employer for more than two months. You must be earning a pension or a salary and lastly you will need to have a solid and clean credit record, no blacklisted candidates will be considered.

Capitec temporary loans are also subject to credit approval meaning that you need to qualify according to the above listed criterion in order to be granted a Capitec loan. With Capitec you are able to take out a loan for 1 month or up to 84 months. The loans are made available starting from R1 000 to R250 000. What makes it even easier to see how much you qualify to take out as a loan from Capitec is the Capitec personal loans calculator which is available on the Capitec bank website. By entering the amount of money you would like to take out, the type of loan whether it will be a short term loan or a long term loan, your salary details, your expenses every month, the reason you want a loan and your current bank.
Capitec bank Temporary loan
You will then have to type in details of your employer and your personal information. Once all these details have been filled in you can expect to hear from a financial consultant soon to assist you further according to the details you provided.

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