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Izwe Loans

Izwe loans; is a financial establishment that has made it its main priority to offer the South African public flexible loans on your own terms. Izwe loans start from R6 000 to R99 000 giving you the choice to pay off the loan from 9 to 42 months. Izwe knows that you may be in need of funds to accomplish a goal, to alleviate pressure or to make it a little bit easier to bear the brunt of our economic turmoil.

We all want the best for our children, we want them to have the best possible foundation so that they will be able to succeed and stand on their own feet; which is why we send them to University so that they can get the perfect grooming to fit into the workforce and make a substantial impact. We all send them to University and when the fees for the first semester are due we suddenly find ourselves clutching our chests in utter disbelief at the amount needed, well with Izwe loans you can breathe a little easier knowing that they offer student loans that are tailor made to your personal circumstances. According to your own specific financial situation the student loan can be paid over a period of 9 months or up to 42 months.

South African’s are finding it more challenging than ever to make ends meet and that is because of the political and economic uncertainty that we are faced with. It’s not uncommon to find yourself with numerous credits that need your attention on a daily basis; wouldn’t it be easier if you could combine the retail credit, the personal loan, the student loan and the credit cards under one solid roof? Sounds good right? Well with Izwe loans now you can! Izwe loans offer you consolidation loans where all your debt is categorized under one account. A common term for debt consolidation is debt consolidation loans; this is where numerous debts are consolidated into a single and much easier manageable single loan. What happens is you will take out a loan that pays off all other loans and you’ll be left with one “Big” loan. You stand to benefit the security of a fixed rate loan, lower you monthly payments and help you to acquire a lower interest rate loan.
izwe loans
Sometimes you just wish you could get away from the hum drum of every day city life or you have an important birthday coming up that needs a little extra cash or maybe you need that dress to wear to the company’s gala dinner. Whatever you may need Izwe Loans knows that money is involved and that is where they step in with the offer of a general loan.

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Izwe’s general loans range from R6 000 to R99 000 and you can pay it back between 9 and 42 months. You will need to have you 3 months bank slip, your South African ID and your payslip in order to qualify for a loan.

You can apply online or give them a call and they will call you back immediately to assist you. There are many tools that are available on their website to assist you with the calculation of your payment, budgeting and so much more.

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